U.S. withdraws Tunisia and Sudan diplomats after film protests

  • The United States has ordered non-essential diplomatic staff and their families to leave Sudan and Tunisia.

    In a statement issued on Saturday, the state department also urged American citizens in Tunisia to leave the country.

    The U.S. embassies in the Tunisian and Sudanese capitals were both attacked on Friday in a series of anti-US protests over an anti-Islam film made in the U.S.

    Three people were killed when the U.S. embassy was attacked in Khartoum on Friday.

    The film, titled Innocence of Muslims, portrays the Prophet Mohammad as a womanizer and leader of a bloodthirsty gang of men. Clips were made available online earlier this year with an Arabic voice-over.

    Protests against the film began on Tuesday in Cairo and spread to the Libyan city of Benghazi, where demonstrators stormed the U.S. consulate, killing the ambassador and three other Americans.