Typhoon Haiyan kills 10K people in one city

  • As many as 10,000 have died in a single city of Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan. 

    AP described the scene in Tacloban and mentioned that there are bodies hanging from tree branches in the region and looters are looking for food and water. 

    "Tonight, a column of armored vehicles will be arriving in Tacloban to show the government's resolve and to stop this looting," President Benigno Aquino said. 

    One resident of Leyte province said the scene is "like a movie" and "people are walking like zombies looking for food." Philippines' interior minister said he doesn't know how to describe what he saw.

    "It's horrific. It was like a tsunami."

    The superstorm is still not done and is headed toward Vietnam, which has done mass evacuations and moved 600,000 people before the storm's arrival. 

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