Typhoon Haishen Moving Towards South Korea After Slamming Japan

  • After slamming through southern Japan, Typhoon Haishen is moving towards South Korea. As per the country's weather agency, the storm is headed towards Busan, which is also South Korea's second-largest city. Due to the typhoon, nearly 300 flights from 10 airports were halted, and some train services have also been suspended. Further, it has also caused a loss of electricity to thousands of homes in Japan. About thirty-two people were injured per Japanese broadcaster NHK; amongst them, four sustained glass cuts when an evacuation centre was blown in. As a safety measure, nearly eight million people in Japan were asked to move out of the storm's path. After Japan, South Korea has now been impacted highly, as high winds have already cut power to almost 5,000 households on the southern tip of the Korean peninsula, including the resort island in Jeju. Typhoon alert has also been issued for Jeju and other southern parts of South Korea like Gyeongsang province. South Korea's Korea Forest Service has also issued a landslide alert. However, KMA officials told a local news agency that typhoon Haishen is likely to weaken as it passes by.

    Map Depicting Location of Typhoon Haishen as on Sep. 07, 2020

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