Twin terror attack hit London yet again

  • As per reports, at around 2200 hours on Saturday night people in London once again came under a terror attack at London Bridge and Borough Market. Eyewitnesses reported seeing a white Hertz van crash into pedestrians on London Bridge before driving on towards Borough market. Three persons armed with knives jumped out and began attacking pedestrians and included a British Transport Authority Police Officer who was injured.

    Three persons were reported dead and 20 others injured, including the police officer. Police responded within eight minutes and shot dead the three terror suspects. The attackers were seen to be wearing explosives that police later confirmed to be ‘hoax vests’.

    The authorities acted immediately by shutting down London Bridge and suspending all river traffic on Thames. London Bridge railway station too had been closed as a precaution.

    The U.S. State Department issued a statement condemning the attack and offered all support to the British authorities in investing this and other attacks. The Muslim Council of Britain too issued a statement strongly condemning the act of violence at a time when the holy month of Ramadan had just begun.