Tunisia recovers $29 million stolen by ex president Ben Ali

  • Tunisia has received $29 million from what has been described as looted assets held by ex-President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali.

    The money was recovered by the United Nations' Stolen Asset Recovery team, according to reports by Tunisia's state news agency on Thursday.

    Ben Ali fled the country in January 2011 following protests that brought an end to his 23-year rule at the start of what became known as the Arab Spring.

    The cheque for $29 million was handed to President Moncef Marzouki by the UN's Ali bin Fetais al-Marri.

    The money was reportedly held in a Lebanese bank account belonging to Laila Trabelsi, the wife of Ben Ali.

    She is believed to have fled to Saudi Arabia with Ben Ali following the uprisings.

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