Tunisia PM forms new government after politician murder

  • Tunisia is to form a non-partisan government of technocrats to run the country until elections can be held, the prime minister said on Wednesday.

    Hamadi Jebali made the announcement in a nationally televised address following the murder of opposition politician Chokri Belaid. Jebali said he would form a government of "competent nationals without political affiliation".

    Belaid was shot in the neck and head in the capital, Tunis, earlier in the day. President Moncef Marzouki said he would cut short a visit to France and cancel a trip to Egypt in order to return home and deal with the situation.

    Belaid was the coordinator of the left-leaning Democratic Patriots party and a staunch opponent of the government of the Islamic Ennahda party, which heads the ruling coalition.

    His death was the first political assassination since the Arab Spring uprising of January 2011. 

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