Trump's nominee for US Army Secretary drops out

  • US President Donald Trump’s pick for the position of the Army secretary Vincent Viola has abruptly withdrawn his name from consideration late Friday night. Viola has cited his inability to get around strict Defense Department rules that are likely to concern his family businesses.

    Vincent Viola is the founder of digital stock trading firm Virtu Financial and he also owns the National Hockey League’s team Florida Panthers. He was working through the confirmation process to hold the position since mid-December.

    In a statement, the army head nominee said that he was “deeply honored” to be named for the post. However, he concluded to not being able to navigate the process of confirmation.

    Appreciating President Trump’s confidence in him, he added to offer his support for President and his administration and redouble his efforts to support the Army.

    According to the sources, Viola had been finding ways to dissociate from his businesses that includes ownership of a hockey team so as to take the position of top civilian Army post.

    The businessman intended to transfer ownership to other members of his family and transfer the operations responsibilities to the vice chairman of his team, but the arrangement didn’t meet Pentagon requirements.

    Currently, Robert Speer is serving as acting Army secretary.