Trump says to maintain some Russia sanctions

  • Russia may soon be lifted of the sanctions placed by Barack Obama, if the country works with the US on battling terrorists and other goals, said Donald Trump. The President-elect shared that he would keep sanctions against Russia intact at least for a period of time.

    The Obama office has imposed sanctions against Russia, along with the ejection of 35 suspected Russian spies from the US, late last month responding to alleged cyber attacks from Moscow.

    This followed successive moves by Obama and the EU to punish Russia for continued fighting in eastern Ukraine, which erupted in 2014. This led to consecutive rounds of sanctions, counting travel bans and asset freezing, imposed on Russia over the conflict with the most recent batch to expire in January.

    The Russian government has brushed aside the allegations of stoking the unrest in the face of evidence by Nato and monitors claiming to show its troops and weapons in rebel-controlled areas of the country.

    An inquiry into alleged Russian hacking during the US election has also been opened by the Senate’s intelligence committee, with senior figures in Trump’s team set to be questioned over their Russian links, the committee chair has announced.