Trump may reinstate torture technique waterboarding in the US

  • The new US President Donald Trump has suggested to likely mull over reinstating waterboarding along with other interrogation techniques commonly referred as torture. Citing that he wants to "fight fire with fire" when it is about terrorism, Trump said that he “absolutely” thinks that waterboarding works. Having said that, the President would defer this on the advice of Pentagon chiefs and CIA on whether to reinstate them.

    In an exclusive interview with ABC News, Trump took a jibe on ISIS and condemned their way (of chopping heads) as something that nobody has ever heard of since medieval times. If Trump reinstates enhanced interrogation techniques, he will be going against a US law ratified by the Senate in 2015.

    Stating to rely on the advice of the national security advisors over this issue, Trump said if they would want to implement it, he would work towards that end.

    His comments came at a time when media has reported that his administration is drafting an order to allow the CIA to reopen overseas "black site" prisons that were used to torture suspects of 9/11 attacks.

    Though Sean Spicer - the White House Press Secretary shrugged off the possibilities of draft being a White House document, many of Trump's own party colleagues were critical of the reported draft.