Trump Clarifies Aborting Planned Strike on Iran, Threatens to Obliterate Iran if Conflict Breaks Out

  • The US President Donald Trump has said during an interview that he doesn’t want war with Iran. However, he also warned that Iran will be obliterated if the US-Iran conflict breaks out. He went on to say that the United States is open to talks with Iran but doesn’t want it to develop nuclear weapons. When inquired about the calling off the planned US strike against Iran after the latter brought down the US unmanned drone, President Trump said that the strike would have killed 150 Iranians and he didn’t like the idea. While Iran claims that they brought down the unmanned drone after it entered Iranian airspace, the United States claim that the drone was in the international airspace when it was shot down. The US President also said that Iran would get him as its “best friend” if the Islamic country doesn’t acquire a nuclear weapon.