Trump asks US military to prepare anti-ISIS strategy in 30 days

  • The newly sworn US President Donald Trump has directed US military to devise a “comprehensive strategy” within 30 days to defeat the terror outfit ISIS. Trump has also asserted that America must take decisive action against the dreaded terror group.

    The plan that is to be proposed to Trump within 30 days requires an inclusive strategy to rout the ISIS and recommend changes to any US rules of engagement or policy restrictions that surpass the requirements of international law related to the usage of force against the terror group.

    The terror outfit has violently murdered American citizens in the Middle East. Also, ISIS has inspired attacks in the United States, including the one in December 2015 attack at San Bernardino, California, and the June 2016 attack in Florida, said the executive order.

    The plan demands public diplomacy, cyber strategies and information operations to detach and delegitimize ISIS and its radical Islamist ideology and identification of new partners in the fight against ISIS. The plan also requires mechanisms to cut off or seize ISIS’s financial support.