Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine has Begun in the United Kingdom

  • The much-awaited human trial of COVID-19 vaccine has begun in the United Kingdom on Thursday. The vaccine is developed by Oxford University headed by Professor Sarah Gilbert and has been tested on two people so far who volunteered themselves for being injected. The vaccine is said to have been made from an innocuous Chimpanzee virus that has been “genetically engineered” to carry part of the Coronavirus. The vaccine being trialled can be tested on healthy individuals aged between 18 and 55. Further, people who come to volunteer are being offered 625 Euros each (Rs 58,700). As per a BBC report, the same Oxford team has previously developed a MERS vaccine using the same approach, which has delivered good results in clinical trials. As per reports, after the first batch of trials concluded, and the safety of the vaccine ascertained, the trial would expand further including elders and people of colour and “Asian minority ethnic groups” including Indians.

    Map of United Kingdom

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