Toronto mayor partied with blackmailing gangsters

  • The Rob Ford story has moved forward with the release of files revealing how he took drugs and hung out with gang members and how that complicated his life. 

    The infamous video, which showed Ford smoking crack, was taken by gang members who later blackmailed him. They demanded more when Ford offered to pay 5K and a car for the video. The owner of the video mentioned that he wanted to ask for $150,000 from media outlets in case Ford didn't pay. The location of this original video is not known but police found a copy from a hard drive. 

    There may have been some more complicated situations for Ford since one of the gang members said they possess controversial photos of him using drugs such as heroine. 

    "I think any ordinary person who participated in this kind of activity, if it's founded, would find themselves in very serious trouble," a city counselor said. 

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