Too many young girls forced to marry and give birth

  • An Indian girl named Komol didn't want to get married at an early age and wanted to study instead. But what she wished for barely counted for anything. 

    She gave birth to a child at the age of 16 and hasn't been allowed to step out of the house ever since. "Sometimes, when the others are not at home, I read my old school books, and hold my baby and cry," she said. 

    Komol is also blamed for not giving birth to a son. "She is such an adorable little girl," she said, while talking about her baby. 

    One in every five young girls in developing countries gives birth before turning 18. 

    "For these very young adolescents who do not have a say in whether or when they will become pregnant, their futures are destroyed, and their basic human rights are violated," executive director of the UN Population Fund said. 

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