The worst of Snowden leaks could come all at once

  • A US official warned that the worst in the Edward Snowden leaks are yet to come and they could all be unveiled at once. 

    American and British officials are worried about the classified intelligence files that Snowden is said to have in possession. Although, the material on those files is encrypted, experts believe that Snowden would be able to crack it with the help of intelligence experts in Russia or China. 

    According to some administration officials, he has enough material to continue leaking information for the next two years. The information, which is yet unpublished is believed to include material about the CIA, possibly the agents' names. 

    Moreover, intelligence workers in the nation's capital might be angered to see city buses carrying Snowden ads and thanking him for leaking the "misinformation and lies" told to the people by politicians. 


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