The White House asks for Emergency Funding from the US Congress

  • Millions of people from Texas and Louisiana are affected by catastrophic flooding from Harvey. At least 39 people have lost their lives due to hurricane. The White House has asked the US Congress for emergency funding for the people affected due to unprecedented flooding. As per media reports, “President Trump is expected to propose an initial $5.9bn in aid. However, as per Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas, the state might need more than $125bn from the federal government. As per media reports Elaine Duke was spotted saying, “About 779,000 Texans were ordered to evacuate and another 980,000 left their homes voluntarily.” The Environmental Protection Agency warned the residents of contamination in floodwater. President Trump will donate $1m of his own money to the relief effort as told by the White House. However, Vice President Mike Pence said, “311,000 people have registered for disaster assistance and that he hoped for bipartisan support in Congress for the funding request.”

    Hurricane Harvey Path Map