The US Imposes Sanctions on Russia Gas Pipeline Nord Stream 2, Angers both Russia and European Union

  • The United States President Donald Trump has signed a law that gives way to the imposition of sanctions on firms that help Gazprom (the state-owned gas company of Russia) finish Nord Stream 2 undersea pipeline into the European Union. If this pipeline is completed, it will increase the export of gas to Germany. The US consider this pipeline as a security risk. The concerned bill (voted by the US Congress last week and then signed by the US President on Friday) has described the pipeline as a “tool of coercion”. The US$11 billion Nord Stream 2 pipeline project has threatened the US interest in the lucrative European market for American liquefied natural gas. The US President Donald Trump has said that the Gazprom-owned 760 mile (1,225 km) pipeline will turn Germany into a “hostage of Russia”. Both Russia and the European Union are angered by the US sanctions, making the EU say that it must be capable of deciding its own energy policies.