The US and its allies launch strikes on Syrian chemical weapon sites

  • The US and its allies bomb multiple government targets

    The United States, along with its allies France and the United Kingdom, has bombed numerous government targets in Syria. As per media reports, the operation is targeting alleged chemical weapon sites in the country. As per the Pentagon, explosions hit Damascus, the capital of Syria, as well as two locations near Homs. Meanwhile, the Russian ambassador to the United States stated that the attack on its ally "will not be left without consequences".

    The United States and its allies have launched strikes on the Syrian chemical weapon sites. According to media reports, US President Donald Trump stated that he had approved the strikes in collaboration with France and the United Kingdom. The strikes have been launched in response to an alleged chemical attack that took place last week in Douma, a town in Syria. President Trump in an address to the nation stated that a combined operation comprising the armed forces of the United Kingdom and France is underway.