The Global Death Toll from COVID-19 Surpasses 65,000, More than 1,225,360 Confirmed Cases

  • The total confirmed cases of COVID-19 infection are 1,225,360 and total deaths are 66,542 across the world (as per Coronavirus Resource Center of John Hopkins University & Medicine) from more than 190 countries and territories. Till now 252,615 have also recovered throughout the globe. The most number of confirmed infection cases of COVID-19 coronavirus has been found in the US (312,249), Spain (130,759), Italy (124,632), Germany (97,052), and France (90,853). The most number of deaths have taken place in Italy (15,362), Spain (12,418), the United States (8,503), France (7,574), and the United Kingdom (4,939). The number of deaths per day has started decreasing in Spain, Italy, and France. The per-day death toll in Spain has seen a decline third day in a row, coming down from 932 on Friday, 809 on Saturday, to 674 on Sunday. In Italy too, the curve of the death toll and confirmed infection cases have fallen since March 21. This means that it took around a 4-weeks span to flatten the curve. France is also witnessing a third-day slowdown in per day death number. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Pope Francis has called for courage while delivering Palm Sunday mass by live stream to avoid crowding in Saint Peter's Square.