Taliban Attacks Afghan Military Base, Over 140 Soldiers Killed

  • As per reports, Taliban fighters disguised as Afghan soldiers arrived in two military trucks on 21 April and talked their way through two perimeter check posts, to enter Mazar-E-Sharif military base, in northern Balkh province in Afghanistan

    The insurgents targeted Army soldiers exiting the mosque after Friday prayers and headed for the dining area, catching most soldiers by surprise, leading to high casualties.

    Afghan soldiers immediately launched a counter offensive that left 10 Taliban fighters dead while one was reported to have been taken alive. The total number of causalities on the Afghan Army side is yet to be officially confirmed. 

    The Army has now cleared the area of militants and have launched an investigation into how the Taliban managed to breach two highly secure check-points and enter the secure base area without challenge.


    Location Map of Mazar-E-Sharif Military Base Afghanistan