Taiwan Emboldens China-Friendly Opposition, Rejects Same-Sex Marriage

  • Taiwan’s pro-independence ruling party, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), is given a strong message by the voters as they suffered major election losses in local elections. Kuomintang, the opposition party of Taiwan that is largely known as China-friendly, regained control of 15 cities and counties. The DPP is now left with just 6 cities and counties. After the heavy loss, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen took responsibility for DPP’s loss and resigned from the chairperson’s position of the party. Kaohsiung’s new mayor-elect from Kuomintang party reached out to China by telling media that he’ll be instrumental in creating a working group on improving relations with China. The Taiwanese voters also rejected the same-sex marriage proposal by backing the definition of marriage being the union between a man and a woman.