Syrian rebels abandon Kofi Annan ceasefire

  • The rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) has stated it is no longer committed to a UN backed truce as President Bashar al-Assad had failed to observe their Friday deadline to implement the ceasefire.

    Spokesman Sami al-Kurdi said the FSA had begun attacking soldiers to "defend our people".

    At least 80 Syrian soldiers were killed by rebels over the weekend.

    The ceasefire forms a part of UN-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan's peace plan.

    The six-point plan has gained unanimous international support barring China and Russia, which have repeatedly opposed UN-backed western intervention.

    The FSA's announcement follows Assad’s defiant speech to parliament on Sunday. The Syrian leader blamed the ongoing violence on "foreign meddling" due to the government's support for resistance against Israel.

    He also denied any government role in the Houla massacre in which suspected pro-regime gunmen killed 108 people, including 49 children and 34 women.