Syria could miss the first arms deal deadline

  • The U.S. is not panicking over the fact that Syria might not get a full inventory of the chemical weapons to the international community by the deadline on Saturday. 

    A State Department rep said "our only goal is to see forward momentum" instead of the full inventory by the deadline. He mentioned that it was not a hard and fast deadline. However, if we consider that John Kerry had specifically said there is no room for games, avoidance or "anything less than full compliance" when he asked for the listing "within a week", we wonder if the deal is even working or if Syria only needs some more time. 

    A resolution is going to be established on the chemical weapons by tomorrow but the tensions between the U.S. and Russia are not making things any better. 

    Bashar al-Assad continues to assert that his troops aren't the ones responsible for the attack on Aug. 11. "Anyone can make sarin in his house," he said to Fox News. 

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