Sweden Goes to Polls with Immigration as Central Issue

  • Sweden's general election is now open and the far-rightist nationalist Sweden Democrats are expected to get 20 per cent of support, elevating them to the second spot. Immigration has become the central issue on which the Scandinavian country is going to polls, following Sweden’s acceptance of over  160,000 asylum-seekers (when Syrian war was at its peak). The far-right Sweden Democrats (comprising Neo-Nazis along with other far-right groups) capitalized on the rising tension among Swedish citizen following such a massive refugee influx and is all set to make substantial gains. Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven accused Sweden Democrats of extremism and went on to say that “Dark forces are mobilizing in Sweden”. However, leader of Sweden Democrats, Jimmie Åkesson said that his plan of accepting fewer migrants is going to be regarded as “normal politics in the rest of Europe”.