Suspicious letter sent to Barack Obama

  • US President Barack Obama was sent a suspicious letter similar to two ricin-laced letters posted to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg earlier this week, according to US officials on Thursday.

    The letter to Obama was intercepted was intercepted by the Secret Service and is now being examined by FBI investigators.

    The letters to Bloomberg focussed on his support for stricter gun control.

    One was sent to the Washington D.C. branch of his gun control group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, while the other was intercepted at a mail sorting facility before it reached his office in New York City.

    Preliminary testing of the letters showed the presence of ricin, a poison extracted from castor beans that is a thousand times more toxic than cyanide.

    It can lead to lead to death if inhaled or swallowed.

    All three letters were sorted in a facility in Shreveport, Louisiana, which handles mail from across Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas.

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