Sudan's Warring Groups Agree to Bring in a Transitional Government

  • African Union mediator for Sudan Mohamed Hassan Lebatt told media during a news conference on Saturday that the military council and the main coalition of opposition parties of Sudan have agreed to bring in a new period of a transitional government. He went on to say that the technical details of the accord will be discussed by both the military and the pro-democracy groups on Saturday. The document (agreed by the two power groups) details the power and the relationship between the transitional government’s branches. The negotiation between the military and the opposition coalition was brokered by neighboring Ethiopia as well as the African Union. Sudan has been in turmoil since April when the veteran leader Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power by the army. The emergence of the news about the accord has brought joy among the civilians, who celebrated by singing the national anthem and chanting “We’re victorious!”