Sri Lanka: TNA warns to abandon constitution process if terms not met

  • Sri Lanka’s major Tamil party TNA has threatened to not be a part of the ongoing process of constitution-making and will quit if the government disposes the idea of finding a political solution to the Tamil issue. A senior party leader has reveled this.

    In words of Dharmalingam Siddharthan – a senior member of Tamil National Alliance (TNA), the party has a mandate from the people for a federal constitution with the merger of North and East to resolve the National question. He said that the discussions are ongoing with the government to reach an agreement. And that TNA cannot accept the 13th Amendment as a comprehensive power sharing mechanism,” said.

    TNA member has stated that if the Government shrugs off the idea of finding an answer for the National question, it won’t be part of the Constitution making process and would call it a quit.

    The reports suggest that TNA had been asking for an arrangement of power sharing in the new constitution. It wants a federal structure based system in a merged east and north provinces. However, the south-based Sinhala majority parties are reluctant to even discussing a federal solution to the Tamil minority issue.

    Sirisena’s SLFP is of the view that the existing 1978 constitution could be amended without going for changes which require a national referendum. The new Constitution will replace the current executive president headed constitution adopted in 1978.