Spanish train driver charged with negligent homicide

  • Latest investigations reveal that Francisco Jose Garzon Amo was on the phone while driving the train at a speed which was twice the permitted limit. The call wasn't personal and he was reportedly speaking with the a Renfe official regarding a paper document. 

    Although Garzon Amo managed to apply the brakes moment before the crash, the train went off the rails due to its high speed. Investigations haven't revealed if such phone calls between drivers of moving trains and controllers are common. The name of the controller he was allegedly talking to hasn't been revealed and the nature of the document that was being discussed is also yet unknown. 

    The driver was provisionally charged with negligent homicide but wasn't sent to jail or was required to post bail since the authorities felt there was no risk of him fleeing or destroying any sort of evidence.

    The investigations regarding the crash are ongoing and the next steps would involve measuring the wheels on the cars and examining the locomotive. 

    Sniffer dogs will also be used to locate any human remains in the wreckage. 

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