Spain train driver was given three warnings to slow down

  • The information about the driver of the crashed train in Spain keeps getting worse. He had reportedly received three automated warnings regarding the fast speed of the train. The first one was given when the train was two minutes from the crash site and the last one came when the train was 250 yards away from the curve that it failed to navigate. It was too late by the time Franscisco Jose Garzon Amo hit the emergency brakes. 

    Garzon Amo had also been discussing a document with his colleague over the phone while driving the train at high speed.

    The speeds of the train have been determined and the total derailment occurred at 179 km/h. 

    The judge said the phone call was inappropriate but the accident "seems to have been caused, no doubt, by the driver's inappropriate and unpredictable driving."

    The investigation is supposed to present its final conclusions in the following weeks. 

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