SpaceX Successfully Launches 10 Iridium Satellites on Reusable Falcon 9 Rocket

  • Elon Musk led US aerospace company SpaceX has successfully launched reusable Falcon 9 rocket carrying 10 telecommunications satellites for its customer Virginia-based Iridium NEXT global satellite constellation. Twitter handle of SpaceX said the 10 satellites were successfully deployed to low-Earth orbit. The launch took place at the scheduled time of 7.13 a.m from Southern California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base. Reports say SpaceX has entered into a contract with Iridium to launch 75 satellites. This was the fifth set of ten Iridium satellites launched by SpaceX in Iridium-5 NEXT Mission. The next launch of Iridium satellites with another Falcon 9 rocket is scheduled on April 2 from Florida’s Cape Canaveral.