South Korean presidential candidate pledges unconditional aid for North

  • South Korean opposition presidential candidate Moon Jae-in has vowed to offer no strings attached economic aid to North Korea if elected this year.

    The pledge marks a radical departure from the current policy that has severed ties between the two states.

    Moon, a former human rights lawyer, said that engagement was key to moving past the impasse between the two states, which technically remain at war.

    "I would like to handle North Korea issues comprehensively. The current Lee Myung-bak administration has certain preconditions to resume talks with Pyongyang, saying we will not respond to the North unless it gives up its nuclear ambition. However, such approach makes both sides hard to take a step further," Moon told journalists at a news briefing.

    South Koreans are set to vote for a new president in December. Moon has 10 percent poll support compared to conservative candidate Park Geun-hye's 36 percent approval rating.