South Korean diplomat reaches the US to fray tensions regarding anti-missile deployment

  • As per reports, the South Korean President has sent a special emissary to US to reassure Washington and the Pentagon South Korea’s commitment to the deployment of THAAD anti-missile defense system aimed at countering North Korea’s missile testing.

    China has been vocal in its opposition to the THAAD deployment on South Korean soil saying it was a ruse to look deep into its territory.

    Tensions grew amid reports of South Korea’s new President Moon je-in ordering an inquiry into why his office was not informed regarding the additional deployment of four THAAD missile launchers. In the initial deployment cleared by his predecessor, the US had deployed two of the six-launcher capacity system. The additional four has just been deployed to complete the system.

    Reports suggested President Moon was clearly unhappy about being kept in the dark but has since been wanting to clarify with South Korea’s closest ally that he was not objecting to the deployment per se but wanted to be kept in the loop.