South Korea Conditionally Suspends Expiry of Intelligence-Sharing Agreement with Japan

  • South Korea has announced on Friday that they will continue their military intelligence-sharing pact called General Security of Military Information Agreement (GSOMIA) with Japan for now. As per the agreement, both South Korea and Japan share their respective information about North Korean military/nuclear activities with each other. South Korea had earlier (back in August) threatened to terminate the GSOMIA and Japan removed South Korea from its favored trade partner list. Japan had also imposed controls over the export of the electronic sector to South Korea. To resolve their differences, both the countries met briefly during a summit in Thailand’s Bangkok earlier this month. The announcement of the conditional suspension of the expiry of the military-intelligence-sharing agreement was confirmed by the national security official Kim You-geun on Friday after the Japanese government had “expressed their understanding”. However, he also warned that the pact could be terminated at any time. Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has said that they’ve made a strategic decision of sticking with the accord by acknowledging the importance of bilateral relations with South Korea. The decision has been welcomed by a spokesperson of the US State Department.