South Africa's Julius Malema launches new political group

  • The former leader of South Africa's African National Congress (ANC) Youth League, Julius Malema, launched a new political group called the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) on Thursday.

    Malema, who was expelled from the ruling ANC last year, said the EFF would focus on the redistribution of farmland and the nationalization of the mines.

    "We will share, black and white. But failure to share means you will be forced to share," he told journalists in Johannesburg.

    The launch of Malema’s movement comes just a few weeks after anti-apartheid activist Mamphela Ramphele launched the Agang party, which is also looking to take on the ANC.

    Malema has stated he will not join with Agang or the Democratic Alliance opposition.

    Once considered a close ally of President Jacob Zuma, Malema became one of his harshest critics and pressed for his removal from office at the ANC's national conference last December.

    He has accused Zuma of not doing enough to help the poor black voters who voted to bring him into power.

    The 32-year-old was expelled from the ANC for creating a divide within the party.