Snowstorm Stella Knocks out Power, Kills at least Four in the US, May Hit Britain

  • Snowstorm Knocks out Power, Kills at least Four

    March 15, 2017: As per reports, the snowstorm Stella knocked out power to around 210,000 customers in the northeast and mid-Atlantic and 50,000 in Virginia. Reports also say that at least four people died as up to two feet of snow fell in some of the areas.

    The Airlines will be completely operational by Thursday.

    Forecasters say that storm Stella may hit Britain by Friday and bring rain and snow. However, the storm will be much weaker to what America has experienced.


    Snowstorm Sweeps in North-eastern US States, Threatens Blizzards

    March 14, 2017: As strong winter storm is rushing through, threatening blizzard conditions, states of emergency has been declared in the north-eastern US states of New Jersey and New York.

    Blizzard warnings have been issued by the US National Weather Service for parts of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

    According to forecasters, Winter Storm Stella with winds of up to 60mph, may cause huge disruption for commuters in several parts of the north-east by Wednesday morning.

    Over 6,500 flights were canceled in airports of New York, Baltimore, Boston, Washington and Philadelphia.

    Reports say that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s trip to meet US President Donald Trump in Washington has been postponed for Friday due to the conditions.