Six rapists in India charged with murder

  • A 16-year-old girl in India who was gang-raped on two consecutive nights and then set on fire in October died after informing the police that her rapists were the ones to burn her on Dec. 23. 

    Authorities tried to hide the statement of the girl, in which she identified two of the rapists and treated the burns on 65 percent of her body as a suicide attempt. The girl's father said "the police sat over her dying statement and did not book the accused for murder."

    USA Today notes that six rapists now face murder charges. Moreover, it has also been discovered that the girl was pregnant and the DNA testing to see if it a rapist impregnated her is pending. 

    Reports suggest that the second rape occurred when the girl was returning home after reporting the first horrific incident and activists said the subsequent events could have been prevented if the government had acted against the rapists. 

    Hundreds of Indians came together for protests in Madhyagram, which is close to the girl's residence as well as in Delhi and Kolkata. 

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