Six jailed for gang-rape of Swiss tourist

  • Six men accused of gang-raping a 39-year-old Swiss woman were jailed by a court in India. The public prosecutor, Rajendra Tiwari said that they are satisfied by the judgement. This incident happened three months after the gang-rape of the 23-year-old on a bus in India after which India's legal system was scrutinized regarding its efforts to stop violence against women in the country. 

    The six men who have been sentenced to life are said to have tied up the woman's husband as they assaulted and later robbed her. According to the victim's testimony, two of the six accused were only present there at the time of the rape. Hence, only four others have been charged with the rape. 

    Sex offense laws have been toughened in India and the prison sentence for gang rape has been increased to 20 years. Five of the men accused were in their twenties while the sixth one was 19 at the time of the rape. 

    The Swiss couple were reportedly on an adventure trip in the country and were cycling through the northern part of India. 

    There have been a number of rapes involving foreigners in the recent months and the police have been investigating the gang-rape of a US tourist as well as that of an Irish charity worker in that same month. 

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