Shot Pakistani schoolgirl discharged from UK hospital

  • The Pakistani teenage activist shot in the head by the Taliban has been discharged from a hospital in the United Kingdom.

    Malala Yousafzai, 15, was being treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEHB) in Birmingham, England following the attack in October.

    She is due to continue rehabilitation at her family's temporary home in the city.

    Yousafzai was returning home from school in the northwestern Swat district on October 9 when Taliban gunmen stopped her car and shot her in the head and the chest.

    Surgeons in Pakistan removed a bullet, which entered just above her left eye and along her jaw, past her brain.

    She was then flown to the UK and admitted to the QEHB on October 15.

    Yousafzai was shot because she had "promoted secularism" and girls’ education.

    The teenager gained prominence due to her desire to attend school, which turned into a one-girl campaign after the Taliban captured Swat valley in 2009 and shut down girls' schools.

    Since the attack, thousands have signed a petition calling for her to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

    Yousafzai is due to undergo cranial reconstruction surgery later this month or early February.

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