Scientists try to solve mystery regarding Alexander's death

  • A scientist who has been attempting to find out the real reason behind the death of Alexander the Great may have finally found an answer. 

    A poisonous plant has been known as the culprit for a long time but Dr. Leo Schep ruled out fast killers such as hemlock and arsenic. He believes that Veratrum album could be responsible for the death instead. It's also been believed that Alexander suffered a 12-day-long illness, which caused him to lose his ability to walk and speak. 

    Schep's journal states that Veratrum poisoning may also accompany "nausea and vomiting, followed by bradycardia and hypotension with severe muscular weakness. Alexander suffered with severe muscular weakness." Greek historian Diodorus had already established that the wine consumed by Alexander in Hercules' honor may have played a role in setting the pain. 

    However, a researcher at Stanford said there is no mention of diarrhea with Veratrum poisoning. 


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