Saudi Gunman Kills 4 in Florida's Naval Air Station Pensacola Firing

  • A gunman opened fire in a major Naval Air Station Pensacola in Florida on Friday, killing 4 persons. The US Navy and local sheriff's office said that the gunman was neutralized within minutes after he opened fire. This is the 2nd instance of deadly shooting this week at a US military installation. Reports say that at least 8 people were also injured (including 2 deputies of the sheriff who shot down the gunman). While one of the deputies sustained bullet injury in the arm, the other was shot in the knee. Florida governor Ron DeSantis told media that the gunman was a national of Saudi Arabia, who was attending the Navy program (open to all allies of the US). Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud reportedly called the US President Donald Trump and offered condolences as well as sympathy to the victims.