Saudi cleric said driving hurts women's ovaries

  • A conservative Saudi cleric said there are medical reasons behind the country's ban on women drivers. 

    Sheikh Saleh said "If a woman drives a car, it could have a negative physiological impact. Medical studies show that it would automatically affect a woman's ovaries and that it pushes the pelvis upward."

    He mentioned that frequent women drivers tend to have children with "varying degrees of clinical problems."

    Al-Loheidan failed to back up his claims with any medical evidence and was talking about the ban prior to the protest drive planned for Oct. 26. 

    His remarks attracted comments from those who are looking to overturn the ban. "He's making a fool of himself," said an activist. "He shouldn't touch this field at all- the medical field is not his field at all."

    Earlier this month, another cleric encouraged harassment of women who drive. 

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