Saudi Arabia breaks off diplomatic ties with Iran

  • UN condemns attack on the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran

    In a statement, the UN Security Council has strongly condemned the attack on the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tehran; however, it did not mention the execution of Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent Shia cleric. As per media reports, the Council called on both sides to maintain dialogue and reduce tensions in the region. Meanwhile, the Deputy PM of Turkey, Numan Kurtulmus, has also urged both countries to maintain calm. Saudi Arabia broke off diplomatic ties with Iran after its embassy in Tehran was attacked by angry protestors following the execution of the cleric.

    Bahrain breaks off diplomatic relations with Iran

    Bahrain has announced snapping of diplomatic relations with Iran. Bahrain’s announcement comes after Saudi Arabia cut off ties with Iran following the execution of a prominent Shia cleric and an attack on the country’s embassy in Tehran. Bahrain is a Shia majority country; however, it is ruled by a Sunni Muslim king.  

    Following a row over the Saudi execution of a prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, Saudi Arabia has asked Iranian diplomats to quit the country within 48 hours. Media reports quoted Adel al-Jubeir, foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, saying that the country had broken off diplomatic relations with Iran. Meanwhile, Iran said that this would not distract from the "big mistake" Saudi Arabia made in executing Sheikh Nimr.