Russia's Osama may be behind recent bombings

  • The name Doku Umarov is coming up often as a link to the three bombings in Volgograd. London Times is referring to the man as being the Osama Bin Laden of Russia. 

    Umarov previously mentioned that he'd do anything in his power to stop this year's Olympics and has been linked to several attacks along with his followers. He claimed responsibility for a Russian train explosion and at a Siberian hydroelectric plant in 2009. Umarov is also responsible for the suicide bombings in Moscow in 2010. 

    Not only has he killed dozens of people but he was also involved in a plan to assassinate Vladimir Putin. "The use of women, the use of simultaneous attacks, the use of hitting transportation infrastructure, the repetition of it, these are all the leitmotifs of his work."

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