Russian President Signs Agreement, Crimea now a Part of Russia

  • As per reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an agreement with the prime minister of Crimea Sergei Aksyonov and other Crimean leaders on Tuesday March 18. The intention behind signing the agreement was to reclaim Crimea as a part of the territory of Russia.

    Putin delivered a 50 minute long speech in which he mentioned that Russia acted because of the fear that under the new heads, Ukraine may consolidate with NATO, and eventually leave the Black Sea naval base of Russia in Crimea.

    However, the March 16 referendum held in Crimea was declared invalid by the U.N. General Assembly resolution on March 27, 2014. With 100 votes in favor and 11 against and 58 nations staying away from voting, a resolution called “Territorial integrity of Ukraine” has been approved by the Assembly. Various member nations and international bodies have been urged by the latest resolution to keep Crimea's status same and not to encourage any dealings that may threaten the national unity and territorial integrity of Ukraine.