Russia wants to ban gays from donating blood

  • A senior lawmaker in Russia is looking to bring back the ban on gay people from donating blood. According to Mikhail Dyegtyaryov, this could help stem Russia's AID epidemic, even though, it is been reported that the majority of the infections in the country come either from needles that are dirty or from heterosexual sex. 

    This outdated plan is in place in many countries including the United States while Russia had lifted it years ago. 

    Russia's parliament is offering a free therapy for those who want to "return to normal life and become heterosexuals". 

    The lawmaker said he does not oppose gay pride allies as long as they are held in the night without amplifiers. 

    A Russian gay rights advocate, who gives blood regularly said she was asked for a donation the same day that Dyegtyaryov had made his statement. 

    "Next time I'll say- I'm sorry, I'm a lesbian, I don't deserve to give blood for your family members," she said in a tweet. "Keep looking."

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