Russia urged to drop Syria arms deal

  • The United States, Germany, and other nations from across the world have urged Russia not to go through with an advanced arms and missiles deal with Syria.

    The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, has expressed fears that the Russian weapons may pose a major security threat to Israel and said: “It has a profoundly negative impact on the balance of interests and the stability of the region and it does put Israel at risk.”

    On Monday, the European Union decided to go ahead and lift the arms embargo on Syria. No EU member government has, however, hitherto shown a willingness to send arms or ammunition to Syria. Mr. Kerry was vehement in his criticism of Russia and displayed a staunch opposition to Russia's continued support of the Assad administration in defiance of the international community.

    Russia has been defending the continued deliveries of weaponry on the grounds that these are old arms contracts.

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