Russia & China Supports Venezuelan President Maduro as US Supports Opposition Leader Guaidó

  • Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has announced himself as the interim President of the country during a march of thousands of supporters in the Venezuelan capital Caracas. US President Donald took an extraordinary step by declaring his support for Guaidó using Twitter. Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro responded by severing all diplomatic ties with the US and giving the US delegation 72 hours to leave Venezuela. Tens of thousands of Maduro supporters also marched through the streets of Caracas with Venezuelan flags in hands. Venezuela's top military brass has pledged support to the Maduro government. Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has selected former US diplomat and neoconservative Elliott Abrams for leading the US efforts of unseating Maduro in Venezuela. On Saturday, Pompeo will be accompanied by Abrams at UNSC for urging the members to support Juan Guaidó. Key Venezuelan allies including Russia and China have warned the US not to intervene in Venezuela in support of opposition leader Juan Guaidó.