Russia-China Bonhomie on the Sidelines of an Economic Forum in St Petersburg

  • With Chinese President Xi Jinping by his side at an economic forum in St Petersburg, Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticized the recent US campaign against leading Chinese telecoms company, Huawei. While expressing solidarity with China, Putin said that such aggressive US tactics will lead to trade wars, followed by possible real wars. The Russian President accused Washington of thwarting a Russian gas pipeline to Europe and also persuading other countries in not using Huawei’s network gears. While showcasing Russia’s unity with China, Putin called the recent US aggression against Huwaei “unbridled economic egoism”. The Russian President said that the US that promoted free trade earlier is now using non-market methods such as arm-twisting, scare tactics, trade wars, and sanctions to eliminate competitors. He went on to call for reconsidering US Dollar’s role in the financial system as the USA uses it as an instrument of pressure.