Rohingya exodus points towards humanitarian crisis in Myanmar

  • Amidst violence inflicted by military, at least 125,000 Rohingya people have fled from western Myanmar. Pertaining to the Rohingya Crisis, the United Nations Secretary General, Antonio Guterres has warned that the violence “is creating a situation that can destabilize the region.” More than 400 people have lost their lives due to the recent violence. The eruption of violence has led to mass exodus of refugees towards Bangladesh, who are further prevented by Bangladesh's border guards from entering Bangladesh, leaving the refugees to be stranded in no man's land between Bangladesh and Myanmar. However, Myanmar has blocked the United Nations agencies from providing food, water and medicines to the affected civilians. Also, Myanmar has blocked the journalist and the agencies of the United Nations from visiting Myanmar. In three days following the violence, more than 3000 refugees have arrived in Bangladesh. As per the reports, Pope Francis has appealed for International support for Rohingya people. The United Nations has condemned attacks by the military and urged Myanmar to protect the life of its civilians.

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