Record 793 Die in Italy from COVID-19 in a Day, Worldover Death Toll over 13,000 and Infection Cases over 300,000

  • On Saturday, 793 people in Italy (the new epicenter of COVID-19 coronavirus crisis), the largest number of death in a country in a single day since the contagion emerged in this European country a month back. Till now 4,825 people have died in Italy with total confirmed infections of 53,578. The Civil Protection Agency has said that the total number of people in intensive care in Italy is 2,857. Italian Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte, in a late-night TV address, has announced a closure of all non-essential factories across the country. The total world over infection cases from COVID-19 novel coronavirus is 307,280 and the total death toll is 13,049. Around 1 billion people are confined to their homes throughout the globe on Sunday. On Saturday, Spain has recorded a 32% increase in new deaths. Spanish PM Pedro Sanchez has urged the people of Spain to prepare for “very hard days ahead”. Different countries have started to undertake extreme measures to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Forced lockdowns have been imposed in 35 countries across the world. On Sunday, India has launched a 14-hour long people’s curfew to stop the fast spread of coronavirus epidemic in the country. PM Narendra Modi urged Indian citizens to stay in their homes from 7 am to 9 pm local time to strengthen the fight against the COVID-19 menace. 315 people have so far contracted COVID-19 infection. Pakistan has suspended “operation of all international passenger, chartered and private flights to Pakistan, effective from 21st March 2020 (2000 hrs PST) to 4th April 2020 (2000 hrs PST)”. Meanwhile, China’s National Health Commission (NHC) has said on Saturday that they have successfully contained the domestic transmission of COVID-19 coronavirus and for the last 3 days there have been no new cases of domestically transmitted cases of the novel coronavirus. NHC has also said that by the end of Friday, the total confirmed infection cases in China were 81,008, including 3,255 deaths. While 6,013 patients are still undergoing treatment, 71,740 patients have recovered and discharged from hospitals. The US President Donald Trump has called it “a time of shared national sacrifice, but also a time to treasure our loved ones”. Trump has reportedly dismissed a Washington Post report saying that the US President had downplayed the warnings of US intelligence back in January and February about the threats posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.